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RPG Tools

I have been gaming in one form or another for decades. The first system I played I believe was Traveler. The character stats consisted of 2 six sided dice. The really cool part about the system is they used Hexadecimal to show all of the characters stats.

Any ways, here you will find various tools I use. Items I have created. I do create a lot of items. Any sort of role playing aid. Such as deities, worlds, lands, cities and so forth.

File Size
Lee's World - Here is a map of the world my adventures are taking place in.
175 KB
Thurlog's Obsidian Shadow Dagger - This is a particularly nasty dagger.
11 KB
Thurlog's Obsidian Shadow Dagger - Just the image.
44.5 KB
Xanaphia Gemblossom - Elven Fighter I am playing in a game.
197 KB
Armor of Thume - Powered Full Plate Mail
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