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Welcome Home

Welcome to my site. Here you will find samples of my creativity. Starting out with the site itself. I designed and created it.

On the Artwork & Photos page, you will find drawings, 2D and 3D computer artwork, as well as photos I have taken. (Warning, there are a lot of pictures on that page, so it make take a while to download.) On the Writing page, you will find poems and maybe some short stories I have written. On the My Rantings page you will find me talking about various topics. I tend to be a bit opinionated at times. You will find information about my favorite hobby on the RPG Tools page. I plan on putting links, personal scenarios or applications I have found. Finally, the Contact Me page is for doing just that, contacting me.

I enjoy meeting new people and sharing ideas. So if you have any thoughts about my site, about any of the pictures or text I may have, or about my rantings... Please drop me a line and let me know. Thank you again for visiting.